Sunday, February 9, 2020

Cellular Mobile Communications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Cellular Mobile Communications - Essay Example However, the question â€Å"how cell phone works† emerges in the minds of people (Brain, Tyson and Layton). The main intention of this research is to discuss and provide a detailed analysis of the new cellular telephony technology, mobile communication principles, cellular system architectures, and cellular system components that participate in establishing cellular mobile communications. Brain, Tyson, & Layton (2009) stated that it is a really interesting fact that cellular mobile communication technology is an advanced form of radio. In other words, it can be said that new mobile phones are very complicated radio; however it is not a radio. In addition, Alexander Graham Bell invented the present telephone system in 1876, and Nikolai Tesla invented the wireless communication technology and radio in 1880s. However, it was simply natural that telephone and wireless communication technology have been combined to presently offer us a great technology and communication advantage (Brain, Tyson and Layton; Hagn and Markwitz; Turban, Leidner and McLean). The fundamentals of mobile and cellular technology employ the traditional radio spectrum using the mobile system operators for offering the mobile services.  However, the mobile technology spectrum is normally recognized as a scarce resource.   In addition, it has conventionally been shared by different industries, such as mobile communications, broadcasting and the military. In 1993, at the World Radio Conference (WRC), the radio spectrum sharing intended for 2G mobile were decided based upon on expected expansion at the time.   In addition, at the World Radio Conference 2000, the declarations was passed regarding the enhancement in the spectrum and capacity to be employed for 3G, by permitting the utilization of present 2G radio spectrum blocks intended for 3G mobile technologies as well as offering and allocating 3G spectrum to an higher limit of 3GHz (ITU; Gupta and

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