Thursday, December 12, 2019

Christmas Essay Example For Students

Christmas Essay Christmas is the day when Jesus’s birthday is celebrated, and as this glorious holiday approaches, this seems to be the most common question among students worldwide. Some of them are more, some less creative, but still, the task has to be done, which is why I decided to give you prompts and ideas on how to write a Christmas story. Each text should contain some introduction, elaboration, and conclusion. No matter the titles on which you decide, here are some short examples on which you can write a thesis on. It is okay to describe both positive and negative feelings about this holiday. Not all the people feel the same about it. From the different parts of the world, there are different names, but the spirit ofChristmas remains the same. Spanish children call their Santa Balthasar, children inItaly have a female Santa named La Belfana, Denmark has a gnome named Jule-Nissen, Holland has Sinter Klaas, Germany has Sanct Herr, and there are even someplaces that believe the Christ child brings their presents. (Encarta 2000)The Christmas FeastOn Christmas day, the years greatest feast was served, people went, and still do, allout. Although now we have different foods, the idea is still the same. The feast wasstarted off with drinks and music, followed by a procession of the food. Onceeveryone was seated, the food was served and eaten, after dessert, people drank anddanced. The banquet lasted hours and was the highlight of the day. Some of thefood served was: beef, meat pies, roasted duck, geese, pigs, plumb porridge, fancycakes, bowls of wassail, and toast. Christmas was a huge celebration filled with lotsof eatin g, drinking, singing, dancing, and gift giving. Christmas DecorationsCenturies ago, Romans decorated their homes, public buildings, and temples onfestive occasions, and we have followed this ancient custom. During Christmastime, store windows, malls, streetlights, and parking lot poles are decorated tocelebrate this joyous time filled with shopping, gift giving, and happiness. Somepopular and well-known Christmas decorations are: New Yorks Rockefeller PlazasChristmas tree, when set up, the first lighting of the tree signifies the official openingof the Christmas season. Another popular attraction is Christmas Tree Lane, inFresno, California. People there string lights around the great cedars lining VanNess Avenue. Homeowners there also set up holiday displays on their lawns andhouses. (Encarta 2000)BibliographiesSechrist, Elizabeth Hough. Christmas. World Book Encyclopedia. 3rd. ed. 1966. Alice's Snazzy Pajamas EssayChristmas. Encarta 2000. 2000 ed.

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