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Short Story A Story On Its Life - 1151 Words

Erin worked to steady her heartbeat, sprinting at a routine pace, she was determined to push her limits. Pushing aside the fatigue she pressed on. 10 more minutes until her run on the treadmill was complete. On Tuesdays, Erin generally did 45 minutes of sprinting. She found the endorphins to be particularly intoxicating and a great way to detox all of the stupidity she endured in her daily life. Today, she decided to up her game and max out at 60 minutes. Already 50 minutes into it, she had to mentally push past the discomfort. Distracting herself, she pictured her last kill. Michael on the slab. The box cutters tearing into his skin. His muffled cries of pain. The final cut. The rush of blood draining from his throat. Watching the light†¦show more content†¦But Erin had been in a jolly mood these past few weeks, so the present company didn’t trouble her in the slightest. Post-yoga class, Erin went to the locker room to retrieve her bag and keys. She waived to the front desk associate as she left the building, entering the parking lot. On the drive, she began to think about her upcoming kill. Only 8 days away, Erin was anticipating the excitement of when she’d be reunited with that insufferable bitch again. I’m quite surprised I picked her, she admitted to herself. She’ll be in my personal Guinness record as the oldest body, I’ve dropped. Subconsciously smiling, she imaged the look of terror in the old bat’s eyes. Next Wednesday couldn’t come fast enough. Pulling into her driveway, Erin decided to go straight to the basement before entering her house. She had work to do and didn’t want to get Bear riled up. Entering the basement, she went straight for the iMac, which was kept on her desk opposite the bar. Though she had a proper office in the main house, she enjoyed doing her extracurricular research at the scene of her kills. Something about stalking her prey near where she killed them gave Erin a thrilling feeling. Being meticulous about the details, she typically planned out her kills in advance, to mitigate any unfortunate surprises. A stickler for following her rules, Erin wanted to make sure this one went without a hitch. Though Michael’s visit was highly satisfying onShow MoreRelatedShort Story : The Story Of Its Life946 Words   |  4 PagesIm fine. Been through much worse than that, trust me. You need another drink? We both looked at his glass, which was still half full. Uh, no, I think Ill be okay for awhile. Who was that anyway? I shrugged. Never seen any of them before in my life. His eyebrows rose in surprise. Oh. Nevermind then. I shook off the thought that he had something else to say before returning to work. It was close to two in the morning by the time the last inebriated customer other than Dean paid his billRead MoreSymbolism In Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway844 Words   |  4 Pages In Ernest Hemingway’s short story â€Å"Hills Like White Elephants,† I noticed the characters drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Alcohol is notoriously known for its ‘cure-all or drink until you forget why you started’ abilities. Therefore, I wanted to start with Hills Like White Elephants. When Hemingway first eases the readers into the story, he talks about a junction where a man and woman are waiting for their train. While at this junction, both parties are continuously throwing back beer afterRead MoreWhat It’s Like to Be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith Compared to Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer.1743 Words   |  7 PagesWhat It’s Like to Be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith Compared to Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer. Carolynn Hanson ENG125: Introduction to Literature (ABG1239A) Instructor: Corey  King October 15, 2012 When comparing and contrasting the poem What It’s Like to Be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith with the short story Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer. The poem and the short story are both great examples of the difficulty of life between different ethnic backgrounds. The Poem What It’sRead MoreThe Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Movie Vs Movie Analysis981 Words   |  4 Pages Many stories have been modified to be turned into movies. But there is always the age old question, which one is better? This essay is going to focus on this question with the movie and short story â€Å"The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty†. There are many factors that fuel each statement of which one is better but in the end the movie can usually reign supreme. There are many examples of this in the movie/literature scene but in recent years â€Å"The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty† is the most familiar. TheRead More`` Happy Endings `` By Margaret Atwood934 Words   |  4 PagesWhile reading a short story, one should stop to think about what concept the story is trying to tell. Many authors write stories about real life scenarios that could educate individuals about their future. Short stories are written by authors who have their own opinions about life and happy endings. Margaret Atwood, the author of the short story â€Å"Happy Endings†, has her own opinion about what she thinks about fairy tales and happily ever after. This idea contributes to a real life scenario about importantRead MoreReferences642 Words   |  3 PagesCons and Prons of Short story and Poetry Monica Cruz Ashford University ENG 125: Introduction into Literacy Arjun Buxi February 12, 2013 Short Story The theme is about the story is about conflicts between personal responsibilities and pleasure-seeking. Therefore in the story is about making wise decision, but sometimes making wrong decision could leaded to hard consequence in their relationship. Also in the story it explains the value of life and adulthood and at the end the realizingRead MoreThe Bear Came Over The Mountain By Alice Munro Essay1321 Words   |  6 PagesLove exists in the short story â€Å"The Bear Came Over the Mountain† by Alice Munro and in the short story â€Å"What We Talk About When We Talk About Love† by Raymond Carver. in Munro’s short story the plot is that of a mentally ill wife, Fiona, who falls in love with another patient while her husband still tries to hang on to their old love. Her husband eventually wants to have an affair with the wife of the man his wife is having an affair with. Their love changed because of their circumstances due toRead MoreRoom Full of Angels820 Words   |  4 PagesRoom Full of Angles The short-story â€Å"Room Full of Angles† is written in the 90’s by the author Mike Benson. He throws us directly into the story â€Å"as my stomach reached my throat†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (P.60, l.1-2) Often you get an introduction to the story you are reading, because it is a good way to attract the listeners’ attention. The beginning in Mike Benson’s story is called â€Å"In media-res†. Especially it’s important to know that the story is written by a first person-narrator; this means that we have to beRead MoreEssay on A Conversation with My Father by Grace Paley993 Words   |  4 Pageswith My Father†, by Grace Paley The short-story â€Å"A Conversation with My Father†, by Grace Paley, combines several themes and the author uses the elements of abandonment, denial, irony, humor and foreshadowing, to bring this emotional story together. This story is mainly about the relationship between a parent and his child. The primary characters are a father, and his child. There is no mention of whether the child is his daughter or son. The tone of the story and the conversations made me believeRead MoreSymbolism In A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner879 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"A Rose for Emily† William Faulkner writes a gothic toned short story about spending life holding onto the past and lost love, and the toll life can take on ones self. The main character Emily Grierson is a woman who lives in the house of her deceased father in the south during the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s, and spends her life secluded while trying to hold onto love and refuses change. The main charact er holds onto the things in her life including love and inexperience, while being unwelcoming and

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